The Committee
The Spanish Club Hogar Español is a social club run by an energetic forward thinking voluntary committee for the benefits of its members. Its aim is to maintain, foster and promote the Spanish culture through food, entertainment, social & community interactions. The committee is always on the lookout for new ways of providing value for members, attracting high quality acts and hosting social events in a comfortable local where its members and guests can sit back and enjoy the hospitality.
President: Margarita Ros
Secretary/Memberships: Olvido Simon
Treasurer: Margarita Bakos
The Spanish Club, Hogar Español Objectives
  • To promote and develop community spirit amongst persons of Spanish descent and those interested in the Spanish culture;
  • To encourage and promote Spanish theatre, music, singing, food, drink and dancing; Social Members;
  • To promote, foster and encourage the Spanish language, culture and heritage;
  • To encourage and facilitate children to learn the Spanish language;
  • To promote the celebration of national and other Spanish festivals;
  • To arrange for lectures, visits and interchange of professors, students and other speakers, correspondence between schools, sporting contests and other similar agencies conducive to the foregoing ends;
  • To secure and benefit the welfare of our members and our community;
  • To promote, develop and encourage participation by friends of Spain and the broader community; Social Members;
  • To provide information and services to support its members and community organisations;
  • To support patriotic or charitable purposes.
Interest Groups
El Grupo de Asturias
President: Olvido Simon
The Grupo Asturiano (Grupo Principado de Asturias) was formed in 1990 by asturian residents in Melbourne. The reason the group was formed was to continue our traditions and culture, by teaching our children and grandchildren the culture and traditions of Asturias. The dancing group has participated in the “Johnston Street Hispanic Fiesta” for many years as well as having taken part in the Celtic Nations Festival on 2 occasions. Its main objective is to continue the “Asturias” folklore and traditions amongst the asturian and Spanish community as well as all other nationalities that are members as well as the general Australian friends. You can join us on FB, under Grupo Principdo de Asturias.
Grupo de Flamenco Dancing
In 1972 Flamenco dancing classes started to take shape in the Spanish Club – Hogar Español Melbourne, with Conchi Gonzalez being the teacher for 12 – 15 children at the time, the classes were composed of Flamenco in general like, sevillanas, palmas, castañuelas. This art has been taken to various institutes eg. Performing in Dallas Brooks Hall, Chilean Festival and to different Australian politician’s functions, from local government and also Spanish Consulate. Some of these kids have reached the ultimate gol, becoming professional dancers in Australia. Conchis still teaches flamenco every week at the Spanish Club.
El Grupo de Andalucia
President: Mari Moro
El Grupo de la Tercera Edad de Victoria
President: Antonio Ros
La Terceda Edad is a very active seniors group; the majority of the Club’s members are 75+. They meet every Tuesday for Bingo, lunch and organize outings.
El Consejo de Residentes Epañoles en el Extranerjo (CRE)
President: Antonio Ros
Office Open Fridays 7pm – 9pm.
Website: www.credemelbourne.blogspot.com.au
Email: cre4vitasawa@gmail.com
The CRE is an organisation that provides council and represents the concerns of Spanish residents living abroad to the Spanish government It provides advice on a wide range of matters.
In the late 1960s Padre Eduardo Sanchez who had been appointed Chaplin to the Spanish community was able to persuade the Spanish government to purchase a building for a social centre.  His initial intent was that the building service as a shelter for woman and a place where children of migrate Spaniard would learn Spanish. The first goal was never achieved, the latter goal has been retained until only recently. The Club was originally called The Spanish Roman Catholic Mission and the objects for which the Club was established were:
  • To encourage social interaction and friendship amongst persons of Spanish descent.
  • To promote the beliefs and ideals of the Roman Catholic Church.
  • To arrange for lectures, visits and interchange of professors, students, preachers, and other speakers, correspondence between schools, sporting contests and other similar agencies conducive to the foregoing ends.
  • To promote the study of the history and institutions of Australia and Spain.
  • To promote the celebration of any national and other festivals.
  • To consider, discuss and promote all questions and matters affecting Spain and the Roman Catholic Church.
  • To provide facilities for the interchange of ideas and social interaction between the members of the Club and others.

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The Spanish Club: 57-61 Johnston Street, Fitzroy, VIC 3065      Phone:- (03) 9417 2505